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Totenstein chemnitz

totenstein chemnitz

not just his friends that Tut is willing to save but he also willing to save people that he'd consider his enemies such as El Zabkar, who had summoned Ammut out of the fear of the. The half-hour series features young mummy Tutankhensetamun (based on real-life. Tutenstein: Clash of the Pharaohs aired on Discovery Kids. Add a photo to this gallery. Also it's worth mentioning that in the episode "Queen for a Day" Cleo had to pretend to be Tut and the only thing remarked upon was the fact that 'Tut' looks somewhat bigger meaning that he has to look somewhat like a normal person. His only friends are Luxor and Cleo because everyone else he knew has died. Scepter of Was and he likes to play Senet with Cleo. Personality, tutankensetamun comes across as rude and egotistical, but to be fair to him it is understandable as Egyptian pharaohs were believed to be gods, and Tut's rude-side comes out whenever Cleo or Luxor questions his authority and whenever someone else treats him horribly. It's also worth noting that the only role models that Tut has, apart from Cleo and Luxor, is the Egyptian gods, who are more-than-happy to threaten a ten-year-old child with eternal damnation for crimes like vandalizing a wall or cheating at a board game. CTW36 244 32, royal Intermarriage, hazard-Girl 71 21, tutenstein and Cleo in colour. Grudzinska 40 4, tutenstein, anakin, advisor Extraordinaire, hazard-Girl 83 8 Top 10 Best Animated Series Crescendodragon 27 5 Nt Egypt Hazard-Girl 70 19 My Treasure CTW36 99 10 Tutenstein Verona.

totenstein chemnitz

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Tutankhensetamun (His nickname is Tutenstein (wordplay on Frankenstein often shortened to Tut) is a mummified 10-year-old that lives in The International Museum of World History. Tut also owns a variety of items, including 'Shabitis His 'Shakey' and other things found in his 'storage room'. Tutankhansetamun is one of the main protagonists in the series and in the movie. His tomb is filled with all of his belongings, including His sarcophagus, His statues and Ankh, and many other toys and games, including his favourite 'Senet' set. Early concept designs for Tutenstein. The original concept art (Shown right) made it less obvious that Tutankensetamun was a mummy as he was depicted as being more human in appearance, being shown with his natural tan skin tone instead of the green skin he is currently shown with. The production company, PorchLight Entertainment, which is based in Los Angeles, California, has won Emmys for the first and second seasons of the series. Tut x Cleo chocolatecherry 105 26, tutenstein Colour, grudzinska 62 10, king and Queen. In the episode "Happy Corantion Day Tutenstein" its revealed that Tutankensetamun became Pharaoh 3,008-and-a-half years prior, meaning that Tut was one-and-a-half years old when he became Pharaoh of Egypt. Tut has quite an extensive vocabulary, excellent manners, and an affinity for modern youth slang. He even went to great lengths to try to protect her life in "Near Dead Experience" when he thought she was going to die, saying, "Cleo, I will do everything in my power to save you even risk my own afterlife!".

It's also possible that he temporarily survived the accident but died from infection as Tut mentions that he fell ill prior to his death. CTW36 134 20, bastet, verona, sweet Luxor, verona. On the other hand, Tutenstein is drawn with a cleft lip, just like the real Tutankhamun. Concept art of Tutankensetamun, Cleo, Luxor, Set and his minions.

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